Friday, April 14, 2017

My Family's Cultural Activities

One of the activity's that my family celebrates is Saint Lucia Day. Saint Lucia Day is celebrated on December 13. Lucia was the one who brought food and aid to Christians in the catacombs with a wreath on her head that had candles on it. This holiday is mostly celebrated in Scandinavia and Italy. They way that Lucia Day is celebrated is the oldest daughter in a family dresses up in wight and wares the wreath with candles on it. Then she enters either through a Church or where ever you celebrate the holiday and she serves you food. Usually you sing a song when Lucia comes. 

The way that I celebrate it is my family goes to a farm, that is about 40 minuets away, we arrive at the farm around 6:00 am. First we start a big fire outside, then, we wait for a couple of minuets for Lucia to come. She comes carrying coffee and buns to eat and drink. We use the barn as a catacomb with tables and candles. We eat and then sometimes someone will sing a song and give thanks. That's how my family celebrates Lucia Day. This year I am going to be Lucia!