Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hunger Games Elastic Force

        Katniss Everdeen is trying to cheer Prim up about having to go back into the Hunger Games by telling her about the elastic force in her bow that will help her win.

          "How will you win in the Hunger Games?" Asked Prim,
"The elactic force in my bow will shoot my arrows really far and really fast so that they can hit my targets." Explained Katness,
"How does it work? What us causing the elactic force?" Prim asked, 
"There is a string on my bow that when I pull it back and then shoot the arrow it will go far." Katniss explained. Prim looked at her really confused. "Let me explain that better. The farther I pull back the string the farther the arrow will go because there is more elastic force acing on the arrow. Does that make more since?"
"Yes, yes it does." Said Prim in understandment of her sister. "I think that you are going to win!" Exclaimed Prim.  

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