Friday, October 28, 2016

Battery Blog

We are at the star base with an alien from the Taurus Reach explaining to them what happened to the battery when we took it out of the copper sulfate solution.

          "We are glad to have you here today, Aliens from Taurus Reach, to discuss what happened when we took the battery out of the copper sulfate solution," I said, "Where would you like us to start? From the beginning, or when we took the battery out of the copper sulfate solution."
          "Hmm,  how about when you took the copper-zinc assembly out of the copper sulfate solution," Said the Taurus Reach alien,
          "Well, we started out by building the battery out of a copper strip, a zinc strip , blotter papper, a rubber band, some tape, and a grain light bulb. Then when we put everything together, in the right spot, we put the assembly into the copper sulfate solution and the light bulb was giving out light! But if you watched the zinc you could see a layer of black growing on the zinc!"
           "What happened when you took the assembly out?" asked the Ailen, wanting to know more.
           "When we took the assembly out of the copper sulfate solution the light bulb was still giving out light! Our light bulb stayed lit for 1:25 Earth minutes and the black layer on the zinc was still there."
           "What was the black layer?" Questioned the Alien,
           "The black layer on the zinc was the copper that was being pulled off on put on the zinc!" I exclaimed,
           "What caused the copper to go onto the zinc?"
            "The zinc pulled the copper out of the copper sulfate sulution."
            "I have learned a lot about battery's on this trip here. We liked our time here and would like to thank you. Thank you"


Monday, October 17, 2016

is Mt St.Helens Catastrophic

Mt St.Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, it was a catastrophic event. Mt St.Helens changed the earth gradually over time by building up sediment, ash, and rock over a long period of time then it erupted and rebuild again. Mt St.Helens changed the surface of the earth during an eruption by, filling the rivers  near the volcano with mud and layers of ash on the ground. It says, in a paragraph that I found on the internet, "Many of these layers formed as debris slid down the side of the volcano and as mudflows and pyroclastic flows (containing volcanic ash, rock fragments and hot gasses) covered the landscape around the volcano, adding layer apron layer to the surface." Mt St.Helens has changed at different times in history by, when erupting the volcano loses a lot of rock and lets out a lot of ash that changes the shape of the volcano and areas around it. The volcano also would let out lava witch builds up the volcano over time. Another catastrophic event that is going to happen is Mt.Rainier is due for en eruption and and mud flows are going to go as far as Tacoma.   

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dear Mt.Rainier,
      I am emailing you to tell you how I felt on the day of my eruption, May 18, 1980. It was a big eruption where just about half of me fell to the ground. I caused lots of destruction around me and I killed 57 people. My gasses where expanding so they created pressure. What caused me to erupt was that there was pressure that was underground that  caused the magma to go up and it melted the rock on the volcano.Then when I got wekend I started to erupt.

                                          Mt St.Helens